Welcome to Achieve Recovery Now!

We as women, as a people, are continuously seeking
a recovery, from something, each and every day
of our lifetime.

We eat too much. We rescue too much.
We drink too much. We work too much.
We worry too much.

We employ all kinds of temporary solutions
to calm our nerves too much.
And, we die
mentally, emotionally, and spiritually
far too often, too much.
And sad to say. . .some of us. . .far too often…
physically die too soon,
way too much.

The question, then, becomes:
How do I recover?
How do I replace this insidious life-threatening
standard of living with an enriched, alive,
God-filled manner of being?

It is our hope, here at Achieve Recovery Now!,
to offer you practical, down to earth,
and—although not easy—
simple, ways to recover.

Take a deep breath. Visit with us a while.
And take away, when you leave,
Strength for the journey.

Take away with you…
and the Knowledge
You Can Recover.

Achieve Recovery Now

Achieve Recovery Today. Do you feel like you are always weighed down by some invisible force? Do you wake up wondering how you will have the courage to face the day? Do you feel like your addiction is a ball and chain that you don’t have the strength to go on carrying? We all know loss. We all know pain. We all feel suffering. We don’t always have the power to conquer it all on our own. We DO have the power to face it together. Share your stories of recovery here with us at Achieve Recovery Now and achieve recovery today.



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