Abundance Forever

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A shout out to benefactors. My benefactor, as benefactors are known to be, has consistently been there for me. Whatever I have needed my benefactor, has abundantly supplied. This continuous flow of enough has been so consistent that I have had to ask forgiveness for my lack of awareness, at times, of its permanence. I think back now, on times when I have been so focused on what, “I wanted,” I was unaware of what I had. During those times, a continuous stream of, “not enough” thoughts bombarded me. I struggled.  That edging God out mentality; the ego, sought to have control, and, sought to maintain control. Right Now, looking back on those situations, the words… “the battle is not yours,” come to mind. Indeed it was not. But, it felt like a war was going on.

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The emotional pain was gruesome; excruciatingly painful.  God; my Omnipotent benefactor, is so powerful; all-powerful, that there is never a need for battle. When the edging God out mentality-(the ego) attempts to engage in battle with our Omnipotent; all-powerful God, just the recognition that the ego is attempting to separate me from God; then, becomes the prayer that defeats the ego’s purpose.  This initial prayer, then brings about the next prayer; acceptance. Acceptance, of what is. Acceptance; then brings about the powerful fragrance of the prayer of surrender. Surrender; the letting go. Surrender; the releasing of the need to control…the releasing, of the illusion of control. Surrender…as in, letting go of what harms me…hands cupped, palms up, open wide, to Release to God, what is God’s-(everything). And, then, receive The Gift of the Moment…abundance. God’s abundance; embedded within the situation.


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