As I Begin My Journey Of Healing

Dear God:
I ask that you fill every inch of my being. Grant me the grace to say I wouldn’t have it (whatever it is) any other way. Help me to surrender. To surrender to your perfect will. I ask for clarity of vision; to be able to see with internal love-filled precision the circumstances of my life. You are my loving Creator. Help me to see you as such. I’m seeking blessed assurance. Assurance in Divine Providence. Whereby you bring, to surface; to our life, incredible and astonishing beauty from some of the most heinous and hurtful occurrences. Help me to remember that you do not sanction evil nor condone (say it is okay) that any of your creations be hurt. I am tired. I have held on for so long. I have been trying to fix it.  I Can’t. You Can. I Think I’ll Let You. Powerless? Yes. I am powerless over all that which hurts me. On this day, at this very Moment, grant me the grace to believe that a power greater than myself, you Dear God, can restore me to sanity. You have the power to place in my mind the thoughts that I need to make a decision to turn [put your hurtful situation in this spot] over to the care of you dear God. I ask for that miracle-of-healing thought—second by second by second. Heal my mind. When I get scared, fearful, about what will happen- (let me at first embrace the fear and then immediately Dear God)-fill my mind with your thoughts. Let me let go of the illusion that I am in control and that that control is what is keeping me safe. Let me, with each breath that I take, turn my will and my life, my thoughts and my actions, over to the loving care of you Dear God.

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