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A universal cry; that, which is sought…a  way to live life on life’s-terms.  Join me! Shirl

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Yes, Solutions. Recovery. Healing. Now! Puzzles? I take a deep breath…and, find the answers.

Breathe Sign canstockphoto20334830

Sometimes the pain can  hurt so much I don’t think I can make it. Then, I remember…YES I CAN!!!                                            …



I don’t want to hurt anymore! The most frequent words said; and, look on the faces, of Those wounded by some kind of occurrence-(death; addiction; broken relationship; illness). What comes to mind, is a 7-day period when I literally could …


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A Blessed Awareness Gifts God Continuously Presents me with Gifts Sometimes Those Gifts Are Wrapped In Sandpaper With A Barbwire Ribbon But…Nonetheless They Are Gifts                               …



When I was a young child, my granny; Lulundy, would give us tonics. All kinds of tonics, depending on what ailment we seemed to be “coming down with,” as well as what the season was; the, time of year. She …


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