God’s Healing Touch

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A Blessed Awareness Gifts God Continuously Presents me with Gifts Sometimes Those Gifts Are Wrapped In Sandpaper With A Barbwire Ribbon But…Nonetheless They Are Gifts                               …


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As I prayed this Morning; Seeking God’s Direction for Today…These Words came to My Mind:  Shirl, I Am… Your Creator; The Creator of All that there is. And, I Remain with my Creations. I Am…The Breath; Each Breath. I Am…The …


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It only takes a Moment to make A Miracle


Lesson On Living…Living Life on Life’s Terms. The Companion Model, for the grief process; and the mourning thereof, very much mirror’s many philosophies that offer ways to embrace life…and, enjoy life after a loss. (e.g.)The Companioning Model on grief, offers …



This Blog is part of a website called Achieve Recovery Now. And, you and I begin, on today, another journey of recovery. Step by step we shall discover; learn, how to recover. Learn, how to live fully; how to live …



Now Faith is Confidence in what we Hope for and Assurance about what we do not see. Hebrew 11:1 A New Day A New Beginning. Let us Embrace LIFE!

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