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A universal cry; that, which is sought…a  way to live life on life’s-terms.  Join me! Shirl

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I want to heal; I want “it,”(whatever it is) to be alright. I am tired of:  hurting; trying to make it alright; the turmoil; chaos, the confusion, bedlam & madness. Dear Precious Ones…these, are just some of the-( many times …



A healing life-force; an unexpected source of healing, from the pain of a loss. Now, we come to Need # 2, within the Companioning Model of grief and mourning. And, that is, embrace the pain. Whew! A big one, for …



Lesson On Living…Living Life on Life’s Terms. The Companion Model, for the grief process; and the mourning thereof, very much mirror’s many philosophies that offer ways to embrace life…and, enjoy life after a loss. (e.g.)The Companioning Model on grief, offers …



This Blog is part of a website called Achieve Recovery Now. And, you and I begin, on today, another journey of recovery. Step by step we shall discover; learn, how to recover. Learn, how to live fully; how to live …


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