how to heal from the death of a child

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A Blessed Awareness Gifts God Continuously Presents me with Gifts Sometimes Those Gifts Are Wrapped In Sandpaper With A Barbwire Ribbon But…Nonetheless They Are Gifts                               …


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As I prayed this Morning; Seeking God’s Direction for Today…These Words came to My Mind:  Shirl, I Am… Your Creator; The Creator of All that there is. And, I Remain with my Creations. I Am…The Breath; Each Breath. I Am…The …



When I was a young child, my granny; Lulundy, would give us tonics. All kinds of tonics, depending on what ailment we seemed to be “coming down with,” as well as what the season was; the, time of year. She …



Intimacy, defined as: a closeness…communion; togetherness, the sharing of a sacrament; the true sustenance. We are also told that intimacy is: Togetherness. Rapport. Unity. A shared closeness; Oneness with God. Intercommunication. Communing. Harmony. A shared feeling of understanding. Harmony. Kindliness; …


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Last night, my Bereavement Group, encouraged me to “write the next Chapters in my life.” They told me…“the previous chapters had been written”- the pages well-worn; wiped out, in all forms and fashion….used. Threadbare historical evidence of what was and …


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Silence. Thank You. These are the two-Gifts God has granted me the grace to embrace. People often ask me; or, say to me: “How can I recover? Give me some real things; things you have used  or watched others use, …


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Grace; Gods Perfecting Presence. As I sit here in quiet, contemplation, Listening, for God, I hear Grace. You say hear? Yes, Hear. For, I am told, that, “the quiet mind hears God.” Sitting in this quiet, I reflect on the …


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Remembering laughter, good times and hugs. Oh…those hugs, love personified. You’d stand side-by-side with us, tightly grab us around the shoulder, pull us close to you, and then squeeze that shoulder. And, thereby, prompting a giggle, a laugh, a sigh, …


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