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Silence. Thank You. These are the two-Gifts God has granted me the grace to embrace. People often ask me; or, say to me: “How can I recover? Give me some real things; things you have used  or watched others use, …


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Grace; Gods Perfecting Presence. As I sit here in quiet, contemplation, Listening, for God, I hear Grace. You say hear? Yes, Hear. For, I am told, that, “the quiet mind hears God.” Sitting in this quiet, I reflect on the …


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A shout out to benefactors. My benefactor, as benefactors are known to be, has consistently been there for me. Whatever I have needed my benefactor, has abundantly supplied. This continuous flow of enough has been so consistent that I have …


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One of the miracles of prayer; that state of Oneness with God, is that I get thoughts that counteract the message of fear. Recently; just Now, I realized just how constant those thoughts that “something bad is going to happen,” …



Try as I may, at various times, to change the course of events..Every snowflake; each & every one!… falls in its appropriate Place.

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