A New Day

A New Moment

A New Breath

These then, are the very natural, needed components; the basics, of these, then, the new Chapters of my life. I embrace these, the life giving, Sustenance. So faithful, each breath, so taken for granted, that as the flow of this life-giving substance vitalizes given moments, I pay no attention. That, has changed. I was given the privilege to actually Hold the hand of my dear precious best friend; my husband Silas Connor(AKA HubbyBubby), as he took his Ascending Breath. I felt and saw, The Power of this Life-Force. My HubbyBubby, took a deep breath; it filled every fiber of his then-(preparing the cells of his body and those of us in attendance for the exit of his Spirit from therein). And, then he, Silas, Best Friend, stretched out; crown of head to bottom of feet.  And, RELEASED…Ascended. There was a power, and strength, in That Moment. The cleansing effect, of a sea-breeze; water and wind all at once, bathing one. God’s Presence…God’s Spirit… Birth; not death, was Experienced. Silas Connor, Allowed me to be a midwife, at his Birth into New Life. Thereby, giving me Instruction on “How to,” be born again, myself. Ah, Silas Connor, how you continually, encourage me to:  be my best self; be all that God would have me be; be of my Now; not yesterday, even if, only in yesterday can I recount you as a physical presence. I hear your Words of counsel, right now, said so many times when you physically walked this earth: “Be patient with yourself,  you’ll get there-(or, you’ll learn that. or, it’ll come. etc. etc.).”  That sacred counsel, nourishes me well…as I take/be aware of this breath; embrace this moment; and, embark on Living This Day to Its Fullest!

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