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I have discovered that, bar none; with no exceptions, without omitting anyone or anything…any situation or occurrence, each & every breath that I have experienced God was the essence of that moment. Birth to death, therein, literally, God was. Tears of joy, in the delivery room, awe-struck, witnessing… my daughter, giving birth to her first daughter. The profound glow; presence, radiating energy-of-love…God, impregnated, filled, as Jessica had done her mother’s womb, the birthing-space. And, then, there was, the… “Oh My God NO!!!!!!!! moment when I stood in my son’s bedroom by the side of his bed and rubbed his forehead. And, realized, that my son’s… Mark’s… Spirit had left. The piercing cold that met my investigators of touch and made its way up my fingers lent credence to the fact that my son…Mark… was dead. The evidence that God was indeed the essence of that moment is the fact that I sit here now. How else could I have lived through finding my first born dead in his bed? I know no other way. Copious are the miracles that came about as a result of these two described life-events. So much so there is not room enough to recount them in written form. I hold them in my heart…see hear and feel them: when, I need to Remember God’s goodness; when, I bask in, savor, the warmth of their glow as I sip a cup of tea; and, allow the memory of those miracles to help me to do as the Sanskrit Proverb encourages us to do…  “Look to this day. For it is life. The very life of life.”

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