Fit Spiritual Condition

Fit Spiritual Condition

Dear God:
I want to be in fit spiritual condition.
Empower me to trust in you.Fit
Let me, daily;
with each breath that I take believe in you.
Help me to fine-tune my awareness of the miracles that continuously come before, actually preface, the one that I am waiting for.
Strengthen me to live in the given moment.
And, to find miracle in each of those moments.
Bless me to know that when I take a breath that the circulation of the oxygen throughout my body is a bonafide miracle.
Let me never take for granted my ability to function mentally and physically, as I am accustomed to.
You have given me the capacity to do many things, perhaps to walk, to talk, to hear to feel or to see.
Grant me the grace to be in awe of this fact throughout each given day.
And God, don’t let me take these powers for granted, doing them as second nature, but instead, let me do all that you let me do in a mindful way: singing continuous and conscious praise to you.

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Shirley Lundy-Connor, Copyright 2001


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