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Grace; Gods Perfecting Presence. As I sit here in quiet, contemplation, Listening, for God, I hear Grace. You say hear? Yes, Hear. For, I am told, that, “the quiet mind hears God.” Sitting in this quiet, I reflect on the Constancy of God. Forever and continuous has been; is, Gods Presence in my life: Within the womb. At birth. Infant. Crawling. Standing for the first time. A Toddler. Early childhood. School age. Adolescence. Young adult. Adulthood. Maturity (65+).

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Each stage, epoch; each era, of my life…fleeting as it all seems… now, that I am a “senior citizen,” God was/IS, The Core/The Essence, of my Beingness. I could not have been, nor can I Be…without The Presence of God. For you see, my maturity, my wisdom, brought on by the number of Breaths/years God has Remained Present with and within me has allowed me to Know…Absolutely Know…That, God Is Here. How else could I Live? And, so, This Morning, I sit…and Thank…God!…for the Continuous nurturing. Yes, through each and every trial…NO! not trial, but instead…through each and every: “Since God allowed it…it must be the best thing for me and everyone concern,” moment, God was there. By what means and by whose help, could I be here on this Day Thanking God for being there especially during those “Oh My God,” moments? None!, my dear friends, other than the grace of God; Gods Perfecting Presence. Age has blessed me with This Knowledge. I see, now, that through each and every crook and cranny, every what I use to call trial & tribulation, God allowed it, so God could bring about good; Gods Goodness, from the horrific, Oh My God painful, event. Some learned and esteemed spiritual scholars have termed this Divine Providence; The Kindness of God. Whereby, God allows; permits, the horrendous to happen and then brings good; miraculous events, from what we humans “just couldn’t believe… God would let happen.” I breathe easy right now…as I sit in Quiet Contemplation. There is no place to go…and no thing to do. Just sit quietly and Listen for The Healing Embedded in This Miraculous Moment.


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