This Blog is part of a website called Achieve Recovery Now. And, you and I begin, on today, another journey of recovery. Step by step we shall discover; learn, how to recover. Learn, how to live fully; how to live an alive and vibrant life after a loss. Loss, comes in many forms: the death of someone we love; the death of a much-loved pet; the end of a relationship; or, anything we value-(a life-style; a job; our youth; our mobility; a strongly held belief; our church; etc.). Dr. Alan Wolfelt; renowned grief expert, says… “The stronger our attachment, to the person, place or thing, the stronger our grief will be.” Grief, the internal innate response to a loss. Mourning, the action; the expression, in some form or manner of that grief.

We shall, like the image with this post….Rise like the Phoenix from the Ashes


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