Hope For Today



There comes a time; a point in time, when we come to terms with what is. The death of a loved one. The end of a marriage. The terminal illness of self, spouse, or a child. When, we come to terms, with All …kinds… of heartache. It is that Moment, when we take that deep breath; that sigh, of resignation. When we say, to the God of our understanding: I surrender. We get Deep Clarity, on a profound Level, in our innermost part; at that heart level: “NO DON’T LET THIS BE TRUE!!!!.” And from the bowels of this retching pain, paradoxically, comes peace. Some call it serenity: “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change the courage to change the things that I can; and, the wisdom to know the difference.” Written by Pastor Friedrich Christoph(+ 1792). This powerful prayer has been used by hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions before our time here on earth. And so our Hope, my hope, for Today, is what this beautiful prayer offers and directs us to…Acceptance. As long as I have my boxing gloves on with the happenings; goings on, of my life, I get bloodied and torn. But when I stop, literally, and stop fighting, settle into what is, from this Place of Deep Clarity,  I get to experience; get to actually see, The Kindness of God, which some call Divine Providence. Divine Providence, I’ve been told, is that “quality of God’s action by which God brings about good out of turmoil or by which God permits turmoil(some even say permits disaster) so that God can, eventually, bring about good out of each and every earthly experience. And so on Today, my Hope For Today, is that… GOD WILL BRING ABOUT GOOD out of each & every experience I encounter; fall into, stumble upon, happen into, find myself …deep within.


My Hope For Today, then, Is…I Can’t. God Can. I Let Go & Let God!


Peace & Love


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