I Am A Beautifully Designed Apparatus


Everything about me is designed to work together for the specific function of me having a Good Life. If I were to reach and stretch a bit, and believe a bit, I could and would say…Designed for me to have an Abundant Life. My central processing unit, my mind, is designed to store every bit of data I voluntarily or involuntarily come in contact with. For example. I can sit and overhear something; sit in the classroom of life, hear indistinct muttering and I store it for later reference. And, I’m told that if I am ever “in need of this information,” I will automatically recall it. This unique ability has even been given a name. Cognitive Science & Psychology refers to this as our “Schemata.” I ponder now, on this remarkable creation called me: I store everything; I am built for safety; my mind, body and Spirit is perfectly synchronized, there is sacred Unison, a Union of the Three, Unity that decrees, Orders, that I Reign as Designed…Abundantly. I just shared with you a mere glimpse of my (our) innate perpetual Divinity.  And yet, throughout any given day fear, self-defeating thoughts attempt to assassinate; literally kill, my Essence. This type of Reflection has brought about Wayne Muller’s question, “How Then Shall We Live?” In his book of the same title, Wayne advocates that we remember who we are: “already perfect, already blessed, with the wisdom we need to live a life of meaning, purpose and grace.” And so, I say to Wayne, and all my great Teachers & Mentors…on Today I want to Experience, what each of you in your own way tells me is my birthright… A sense of wholeness and to focus on My Strengths.


Everything comes to us that belongs to us if we create the capacity to receive it. Rabindranath Tagore

Nothing can be done without Hope & Confidence. Helen Keller

It is always too early to quit. Norman Vincent Peal


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