Intimacy, defined as: a closeness…communion; togetherness, the sharing of a sacrament; the true sustenance. We are also told that intimacy is: Togetherness. Rapport. Unity. A shared closeness; Oneness with God. Intercommunication. Communing. Harmony. A shared feeling of understanding. Harmony. Kindliness; a softness/quietness of the moment. Warmheartedness. A Union. These, then, are descriptors of what I felt on 2-pivitol(crucial, momentous) moments in my life.

Could there be a more intimate Moment than when we Share with another; that other’s  Ascension…Their Spirit into Heaven?  I think not.

The word intimacy kept flowing through my mind for the past several days. And, it, the thought of this word, would coincide with the memory of either the morning I walked up to my son’s bed, in his bedroom, and his body was cold to the touch. Or, when my dear precious husband allowed me to hold his hand as he took his Ascending breaths into heaven. Perfect stillness, a sacredness, filled my son’s bedroom. God had come for His Own; His Own Creation. It was Time. The earthly Journey was complete. And, Silas Connor, having made his 89th birthday, had indeed cooperated with God during his  “four score and seven,” plus more, in those years he walked on earth.

My belief, is that Instruction, from God, is a continuum. Ongoing, tutelage; guidance, lessons on life. Right now, literally, as I typed the previous 16-words, my reaction, is…“OH, MY GOD!…did I truly need this lesson on life?” And, right now, my discourse, treatise, plea to, the Lord continues…as I say…My Dear Holy Precious Lord, my Heart is Broken. There is a pain, that unless one has experienced a similar occurrence in their own life…I lack the ability to describe using words. HELP me, God, to breathe. HELP ME, God, to Swallow faith; just a sip Lord, would do me fine at This Moment…just a sip! HELP me, God, to remain alive. HELP me, God, to Walk as You would have me Walk…Now. HELP me, God, to Do Your Will. HELP me, God, to Be….Just Be…as You would have me Be. Blind faith. Surrender. Trust. Hebrew 11:1.


I Walk By Faith Not By Sight

2 Corinthians 5:7




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