Lesson On Living…Living Life on Life’s Terms. The Companion Model, for the grief process; and the mourning thereof, very much mirror’s many philosophies that offer ways to embrace life…and, enjoy life after a loss. (e.g.)The Companioning Model on grief, offers what is called the 6-Needs of Mourning. The first need is to “acknowledge the reality of the death(loss).” Step 1 in Alcoholics Anonymous Twelve Steps is to “admit powerlessness.” Me, acknowledging the reality of my dear HubbyBubby’s death is, for me, the same as me admitting that I am powerless over that fact. Rumi, the 13th Century Poet/theologian tells us “The wound is where the light enters us.” Again, that seems to mirror the first need of the Companioning Model. Rather than fight with the wound, I hear Rumi telling me to accept the wound and let the Light of healing flow therein. Thich Nhat Hahn Vietnamese Buddhist Monk says rather than run from the pain, say to the pain and hurt, “I’m here for you darling.” Again, to me, that say’s accept what is rather than fight or struggle.  It is for that reason, that, I offer to you what I practice on today. My Granny, use to say… “practice makes perfect.” And, so, on today I practice accepting the fact that I will NEVER again see, touch, laugh with, that wonderful gift from God, my best friend, whom I was blessed to be married too. His physical presence is gone forever. It is through my faith, that I am able to say; and believe, that…through this wound-(and, indeed, it is a huge wound) the Light of God is Flowing.

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