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Meet Our Chief Executive Officer: Shirley Lundy-Connor

So great to meet you!

Shirley has an extensive background in providing services to folk who are hurting for some reason. Her field of study for the past 30 years has been to investigate systems of behavior – (learning and social) and what effect, if any, environments especially depressed and impoverished environments have upon the developmental processes of persons. This field of study led her to a master’s degree in psycho-educational assessment and certification and licensing as an educational consultant.

To better serve persons within these environments, she became licensed and/or certified in the areas of mental retardation, social mal-adjustments, emotional disturbances, learning disabilities, and mild to moderate handicapping conditions-(kindergarten through 12th grade). Her life’s work generated the development of an expertise in the behavioral sciences. One of the ways in which she uses this acquired knowledge is to act as a consultant (mitigation specialist) for attorneys who have clients accused of murder or are already on death row. Shirley has been a consultant who for decades has presented broad and comprehensive training to social services agencies such as children, youth, & family services/child protection, juvenile justice organizations, and to various school systems. She has written training documents to be used at these workshops. Participants in these workshops have included social workers, counselors, psychologist, psychiatrist, teachers, probation officers, lawyers, and therapeutic foster parents. These workshops were designed specifically for those persons who work with individuals deemed in danger of being involved in at risk behaviors.

Ms. Lundy-Connor’s skills as a clinician in the behavior sciences have been molded by:

  • working in notorious inner-city public housing developments such as Cabrini Green in Chicago, Illinois (where she began her career) and Desire/Florida in New Orleans, Louisiana.
  • acting as the assessment consultant on multidisciplinary evaluation teams, where she tests and then helps make determinations as to whether an individual is: mentally retarded; learning disabled; emotionally disturbed; behavior disordered; shows any signs of social maladjustment’s; has any type of mild to moderate handicapping condition; or, is gifted.
  • Guiding and supervising, as Project Director, the treatment design of a nationally recognized residential drug and alcohol treatment facility for women and their dependent children. This treatment design includes: individual, group, family, parenting, and incest survivors therapy.

Shirley says:

I am privileged to have a community of women who have trusted me for decades to support them in their quest for health. These women have sought and continue to seek the full-spectrum of good health. They seek emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical well being. They are experts in the field of addiction and recovery. And, members of  Achieve Recovery Now! Due to the extremely personal nature of each individual story, the anonymity of each woman will be maintained within the text of her story. As each woman shares her Journey with you, it is our hope that you will understand her need to remain anonymous.

Please take a look to see who we are here at Achieve Recovery Now!

We Are The Women Who Share Our Recovery with You
We come from many different backgrounds. Work at and do many different things to make a living. We are lawyers, psychologist, nurses, stay-at-home moms, students, teachers, nuns, ministers, musicians, minimum-wage workers, the highly-paid worker, the young, the older adult, the senior citizen, the once homeless, the once prostitute. We have abused alcohol, drugs, food, and ourselves. We have been called, because of our various addictions: alcoholics, drug abusers, compulsive over-eaters, bulimics, anorexics, codependents, and relationship addicts. We have been the victim of incest, the rape victim, and the verbally, emotionally, and physically abused. We have been, sad to say, the abuser ourselves; taking out our frustration on others. And, now, most importantly, WE ARE IN RECOVERY! We are recovering women. And we have been recovering for decades—30-years; 28-years; 20-years; 17-years; 11-years; 10-years. And these decades of recovery, not the degree that some of us have, make us experts in the field of addiction and recovery. We did it! And, are still doing it… One Day At A Time. Along the way, we acquired strength and hope living “Just For Today.” We offer you and want to share with you that strength and hope. One of the 12 Step Programs has a saying:“I put my hand in your hand and together we can do what we could never do alone.”

We extend the hand of recovery to you.


BW – Shares Her Story.

I am a grateful recovering woman.

My journey with abusing substances and myself began early on. I learned, sad to say, that if I (took care of my mother, those who needed help, “pleased someone”); (ate something, drank something; ingested something) I would feel better. It was, at best, a temporary solution, that gave a false sense of well being. For you see, I would have to repeat, the self-wounding behaviors, over and over again, to get the sought after relief. And thus, began decades of co-dependent, relationship addicted associations that fueled an alcohol, nerve pill, aspirin, food, diet pill, addiction. I did not like myself. I was always trying to fix me—make me better; so others would like me, validate me, and make it “all better”. This illusion was my reality. And, I had to “keep using” in order to keep alive, the lie. The lie that I embraced, each breath that I took, was that I had the power to somehow, someway, fix it; whatever “it” was.

This, obsession, with trying to fix people and situations caused me to think, at one point, that I was having a nervous breakdown. Coulda,shouldaif only, was the daily sermon that bombarded, and attacked, my thoughts. And peace, albeit temporary peace, came only when I used one of my false evidence appearing real solutions; FEAR-based solutions. I come to you on today, a recovering woman. Grateful, for what I know is a Miracle. It is indeed an ongoing process this recovery: 35-years abstaining from nerve pills & diet pills; 28-years sobriety, no alcohol; 66-pound weight reduction; 17-years of “letting go and letting God” take care of others; and, 24-hours, Today, working on being willing to Take Care of Me! And oh, by the way, my many miracles also include two undergrad degrees and a master’s degree. Me, the incest and rape victim who had to leave high school as a pregnant sophomore. Miracles abound. I extend my hand to yours.

Just For Today…I am willing to Take Care of Me! Please join me.

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