My goal, is to honestly, share with you, This Path…I take… of living life on life’s terms; a life, that has gifts abound; a life alive, with the Touch of God. This Path has the full-spectrum; the many hues, one will encounter on a Journey. I like the vibrant colors of joy; of celebration. However, the dark colors of grief, of loss, I find myself wanting to recoil from; run away from. Having this insight; that I will recoil or run away from pain…as well as having the goal to be present; if possible…fully present, for all that God allows, motivates me to seek counsel. This counsel; guidance, after the death of my HubbyBubby, Silas Connor, came in the form of those persons who advocate using something called The Grief Companioning Model to heal from a death; or, any type of loss. Dr. Alan Wolfelt renowned teacher, author and grief counselor; a champion of this Model, has become my primary teacher. I’ll share with you now, on today, what  I focus on, today, since today is one of those days when I “want to run from,” the pain. I am told by Dr. Wolfelt; and others who advocate using the Companioning Model to honor this moment of pain; that, to honor means “to recognize the value of and to respect.” And, in doing so, I embrace this pain. This is not something that I want to do! But the love I shared; still share, with Silas Connor, requires that I take the steps to healing. Right now, in this instance, these steps feel stone cold and jagged; rough, …PAINFUL! I remind myself, that pain has a beginning and end. The Companioning Model; Dr. Wolfelt, tells me to “take small doses of this pain; bits and pieces.” I am neither to repress nor overindulge in this pain. But instead “allow this pain so fully that the pain moves through me.” Dear Reader, you on today, just by me sharing with you the pain I am feeling, have helped me to do something else Dr. Wolfelt encourages us to do, “get Companions to walk along this pathway of grief and mourning with me.” You, have become my Companions.

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