Peace, My Birthright, The Center-Point of Each Breath


Good Morning. Life has continued to happen since the last time I came to you to share my experience, my strength, and my hope, with you. What have I learned this week? What sustenance; succor of healing, has God shared with me?  Here are 3-truths that have been reinforced this week:

  • Contrary to fear-based thoughts of being alone; being abandoned…The Spirit-of-God has been, Is, and will always Be… With Me.
  • God Is…as close as The Breath that I breathe.
  • Bar none; with no exception, God is doing with me and for me each and everything I do.

During this week I have been blessed to experience from an awakened state several life-experiences. 3-different friends called and said that their mother had died. They knew I had walked a similar journey when my Mom had died. And, so, I shared with them what I had learned about standing still in the moment; no matter how painful that moment might be. As I, myself, breathed as a way of example, I shared with them what I did during my Mom’s Transition to “stay alive myself.” Because I love my friends I allowed myself to remember-(and share with them)-the painful, life-saving, steps I took: quietly talking to her, rubbing her hand, wiping her eyes, reading scripture to her, laughing with her, crying with her, during her final days of Hospice Care; letting others care for me as I cared for her;  breathing, breathing, breathing, when I wanted to hold my breath; letting the unspoken clearly understood sacredness of silence permeate many moments; touching, touching, somehow trying to lock into memory the living warmth leaving her body as she herself embraced the sacred silence of death; and, finally screaming that primordial scream of anguish in the corner of my Mom’s Hospice Room when they came to take her body away.

Gratitude permeates, is a fact of my existence; spreads through-and-through me. THANK YOU GOD!!! for faithfully reinforcing; continually watering my Spirit, with the knowledge, that you are the core of each & every experience. Thank you God I sensed; I do sense; and, have faith that I will sense your Presence. Thank you God for this breath, for the knowledge that… within each Here & Now… you embrace me. Thank you, for: touching my Mom’s hand with me and for me; singing to her with me and for me; laughing alongside her with me and for me; wiping her eyes with me and for me; and, infinitely  doing with me and for me each and everything I do.

                                               Thank You For Being My Peace, My Birthright,                                                                              The Center-Point of Each Breath

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