Prayer for Healing

Prayer for Healing

Dear God:
I come to you once again, bruised and torn. You are a mender. A mender of minds, hearts, and Spirits. My soul cries out for healing. You are my all and all. I know not the full blueprint nor route for this Journey. And so I rely on you. You, the map-maker. You, the ombudsman. You, the way maker and Guide. Human in all aspects of my being, I pray, for your guidance. Praying, to be as you would have me be. I get bogged down in self, often. However, I know, through a belief in you and what I have seen (the historical evidence), that You, Dear God, are taking care of me and all that is of concern to me. Faith, that is what you bestow on me in this breath. Acceptance, of this faith and all the goodness that it brings me, this is what I pray for. You never give up on one of your creations. Grant me the grace to adopt that belief; to have that attitude, to have that mindset. You and me together. Team. Grace. Joy. Beauty. Firmly fixed, as one. Rocks on the road? Rough terrain? Sure. That, I’m told, is life. But desolate, as I have felt? Never. When the road has gotten too rough it is then that “you have carried me”. Let me always remember this as we travel this course, together.

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Shirley Lundy-Connor
Excerpt from: How To Recover & Stay In Recovery, Copyright 2007

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