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LEAVE IT ALL BEHIND YOU! Why carry hurts around for centuries? Why not be free of them once and for all, along with all of the pain and discord they bring into your life? You can be. You just have to take the first step. In God’s Promises a woman who has traveled that painful road tells you how to let go and let God. And, through these pages, literally walks the path of healing with you. Step-by-step directions provide a virtual pallet of paint-by-number guidelines which allow you to gently keep moving forward in your quest for emotional and spiritual healing. In God’s Promises you will discover: How to survive the death of a loved one. How to survive a child going astray. How to survive the infidelity of a mate. How to live with and overcome the diagnosis of a terminal illness. How to wipe out, forever, the effects of having been neglected or abused in any manner. How to banish behaviors you have displayed that inflict pain upon someone else. How to forgive once and for all. In God’s Promises you will find the tools, the how-toos, and the encouragement that will bring you healing from each and every hurt, no matter what those hurts may be. You will find healing that will change your life!

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