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Achieve Recovery Now. Start Living. We are continuously seeking a recovery, from something, each and every day of our lifetime. Drugs and alcohol immediately come to mind. However, the list of addictions and ways to harm ourself are thick and tenacious. The question, then, is…How to recover? How do we replace an insidious, life-threatening standard of living with an enriched, alive, and energized way of being? The solution, as most solutions are, is simple but not easy. Recovering people with long term recovery, experts in the field of addiction, share very practical proven ways to recover. Those in the 12 Step Programs say they worked the Steps, and show you how. Those outside of the program, say they found the Gift of Life, and show you how. And, as with most Truths, the Solutions offered hold, share, a oneness. [Let this book help you to]Open your heart and soul to Recovery and Start Living! You will learn How To: stop using drugs, alcohol, food, co-dependent behaviors to cope; start using only health-infusing methods to cope; look forward to each and every day, no matter what happens; work the Steps; even the 4th Step, and feel safe and secure; and, feel and have an enriched, alive, and energized life. You will learn How to…Be Happy!

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