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Millions and millions of microscopic healing reactions, literally, occur, with each breath that we take. The same holds true for our mental and emotional healing. It is a scientific fact, that our genetic material, our DNA, is designed to self-heal. We come equipped, at birth, with a built in basic program to self-heal. Negative thoughts and behaviors slow down and weaken this process. However, there are things that we can do to speed up and strengthen our healing. Affirmations; universal forms of prayer; and practical problem solving methods which encourage hope and activates our ability to self-heal, have been used for centuries. This CD has many of the best of them. As you listen, you will: immediately access peace and tranquility which is an absolute necessity for mental clarity; discover gentle, hassle-free ways to overcome obstacles and find real Solutions; uncover hidden failure filled messages of I can’t, and turn them into I can; and, experience a surge of energy flowing through your body.

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