I can ill afford the luxury of anger. Most often my self-proclaimed dreamstime_2913641-ANGER150“rights,” propel me into a state of, “How dare she!” But, if I allow myself the true luxury of looking within, I’ll discover a small frightened child clothed in my adult body. And underneath the rage will be:

I’m scared he will leave me.
I’m scared we won’t have enough to eat.
I’m scared I won’t have enough to pay the rent.
I’m scared she will fail.
I’m scared they will think I’m stupid.
I’m scared he will die.
I’m scared I will die.
I’m scared she is on drugs.
I’m scared to remember.

I’m sacred. I’m scared. I’m scared.

There is a tranquility and peace that comes from knowing that, no matter what, I am in essence, safe. To refocus the lens of one’s perception takes moral fiber. When plagued by fear-driven thoughts, it takes guts to reach deep inside of self and say, “That’s a lie!” It takes courage to allow yourself to see the glass half full when all within you is crying out that it is half empty. Only a brave woman can look at a paycheck that will cover the rent but not the groceries and have the ability to say and believe, even if shaky, “We will have enough.”

On today, release fear-clothed anger. Let go of the rage born of fear. Embrace Truth! With each centered and calm breath comes an inheritance of serenity bred from the blessed assurance that I have enough. . .it is enough. . .there will be enough.


There is a balm in Gilead, to make the wounded whole.
African-American Spiritual

See the miracle of a single flower, and let your whole life change.

Love’s healing balm cools the fires of rage.
Shirley Lundy-Connor



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