Befriending Self


Befriending Self

We must become our own best friend, remaining ever steadfast in our commitment to ourselves to remove promptly that which harms us. We, in a very gentle and loving manner, must observe our behavior. We must become the bodyguard, the emotional guard, for our Spiritual Well-Being. We dreamstime_2913641-ANGER150must be willing to act as the sentinel of what we are thinking, feeling, saying, and doing to harm. And, when we have done something to harm, we must immediately admit it.Honesty, gut level honesty. That is what comes to mind as an essential requirement at this stage of our growth. Once again, we are asked to dig deep. Dig deep within the recesses of our mind and search out and embrace truth. Most often we can rationalize a thought, word, or deed by the outwardly voiced intention. However, it is when we allow ourself to actually shed light on the root, the principal element of a thought word or deed—Was that a selfish thought? Were those words truth-filled or some parts dishonest? Were my actions based on resentment? How much of what I am thinking, feeling, and doing is being driven by some form of fear? Is this act of kindness based on a true desire to be of service, or is it a form of sweetened manipulation so I can control the situation at hand?—that we can, most often, be assured of living in an inherent state of truth.Knowing the truth and being willing to embrace the authenticity of what is revealed to me allows me to truly acknowledge what became of a certain thought word or deed. It is through this action that I am able, one day at a time, to walk a truth-filled journey. That journey is traveled by admitting when I have done something to cause harm, as soon as I’m aware of it—cleaning the slate, if I am vigilant and forthright, on a daily basis.

All things must live in such a light.
O Death, where was thy sting?
O Grave, where was thy victory, then?

Henry David Thoreau

Beginning with doom in the bulb,
the Spring unravels.

Dylan Thomas

I know Truth,
I see Truth,
I Am Truth

Shirley Lundy-Connor, 11/30/2007

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