dreamstime_2478265-DESPAIR150My God, My God… Why! Have you forsaken me?
Through thought, word, and manner we cry out in anguish this sentiment. We hold our head, hold our hurt, and hold off our hope, wondering all the while why the problem doesn’t get better.Let go—Of your head, your hurt, your tenacious grip on worry & strife. Let go! Let God step in—literally Step in. Say the following:Step 1 – I am powerless over (insert that which is troubling you right here) and my life is unmanageable.Step 2 – I believe a power greater than myself (God) can restore me to sanity.Step 3 – I make a decision to turn my will, my life, that which is troubling me (insert that which is hurting you right here) over to the care of God as I understand God.

Now breathe. Take some cleansing and healing breaths.
Say the following to yourself as you breathe in and out:
Breathing in I relax my body,
Breathing out I let go of fear.

Through the adoption of the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, thousands
have been helped to heal from many and various hurtful conditions.

In the 12 Step Programs there is no such thing as permanent despair unless we choose such a state. Today I ask you to choose a power greater than yourself. Let go and Let God.


The root of all difficulties (despair) is the lack of a sense of
the Presence of God.

– Emmett Fox

God is even kinder than you think.
– St. Theresa

Prayer releases the power and wisdom of God into a situation.
– Author Unknown

– Authors Abound



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