dreamstime_2627805-FORGIVENESS150Thoughts and memories of past hurts can be constant companions. If this is the case, validate each memory. Acknowledge that it (the harmful experience) is real, that it did happen to you—let the pain surface.Cry. Call on God. Yell. Scream. And, get mad. Get mad at those who hurt you. Then nurture, soothe, and hold you up with esteem. And vow, with God’s (your Higher Power’s) help, to take each and every step needed to heal.One of those steps, according to many healed folk, is forgiveness. Forgiveness is the alpha and omega of healing. The cradle, around which, a sunlit existence is surrounded, the beginning and the end result of freedom.My friend, Let go and let God. Surrender.

Let go—
(as in raising your hands up in front of you,
sides of hands gently touching each other,
palms facing upward, cupped hands,
fingers spread wide). An offering.
Set free—
as in setting free past hurts—its anger, its hatred,
the tenacious hold on the memory itself, as well as you.

Once done, then enjoy the miracle. The miracle? A vacuum is realized—a space, that is being filled with God, God’s Solution. Which has been germinating, smoldering under your heart, waiting for your embrace and to ignite you with the fire-of-love—God’s love.


Forgiveness – A way out of darkness and into the light
Gerald Jampolsky MD

Forgiveness – To give up the old for the new, the bad for the good.
Iyanla Vanzant

Forgiveness –does not change the past, changes the present; grants me the grace to become the hero instead of the victim
in the story I tell; is for me and no one else; allows me to experience the peacefulness of the present moment. (paraphrased)

Fred Luskin PhD

Forgiveness – Love’s ancestor
Shirley Lundy-Connor © 10/30/2007



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