How to Heal

© Photographer: Robyn Mackenzie | Agency: Dreamstime.comThere is a Place within you—deep down within your soul where no problem can touch it. In this Place is an eternal Healing Presence. Some call it God. Others call it perhaps Sacred Mind or Allah or Jesus or Universal Good or Buddha or Nature. No matter what one calls it, this Presence provides: peace, blessed assurance that all (one day) will be well, wisdom, strength, a deep deep sense of knowing that I am loved, and even when, especially when, I am at my lowest. . . a forever comfort.Today I invite you to bring whatever is hurting you to this Healing Presence.And I invite you to do it in the following way:

Take a deep breath. One of those breaths that fills your tummy.
Hold it for a moment.
Now let it go.
Do that again.
Breathe in deeply. Hold it for a moment. Release it.
One more time—
deep breath in (through your nose), hold it for a second,
let it go (through your mouth).

This Healing Presence, a Solution, is just a breath away. Embrace it, live it, breathe it.


The Lord is near
– Philippians 4:5

Sometimes, even to live….is an act of courage
– Annaeus Seneca

Choose to live!
– Shirley Lundy-Connor


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