dreamstime_3194127-RECOVERY150Yes, it is possible to recover. Recovery is a lifetime act. Each time we take a breath we are performing an act of recovery. Recovery is at once a mystery and a simple endeavor. People in the various 12 Step Programs will frequently hear the question: How does it work? And the response, I don’t know, but it does, is the answer most often heard.Simple, but not easy, is also oftentimes heard. This guiding principle is founded on the belief that if you “Keep It Simple”—do what’s in front of you to do, and leave the results up to God—you can recover and stay in recovery.Keep It Simple!

Breathe. Pray. Forgive. Live.
Say. Shout. Cuss. Fuss. Be Silent.
Sing. Dance. Rest.
Acknowledge. Discard.
Pray. Sing. Dance. Laugh.
Cry. Celebrate. Mourn. Rejoice.
Separate. Join. Detach. Confront.
Pray. Forgive. Live.

R     E     C     O     V     E     R

Simple, but not easy?
But you can do it! I know you can!


Shall I recover from this disease?
And Elisha said unto him, go say unto him,
Thou mayest certainly recover.

2 Kings 8:9

They will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover.
Jesus – Mark 16:18

The world is full of suffering
It is also full of overcoming it.

Helen Keller

Celebrate life
even, especially, in its darkest moment.

Shirley Lundy-Connor, June 1, 2007



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