Strength & Hope, The Gift of The Moment


Strength & Hope. Within, each breath there is Strength…and…Hope. This has been my Practice this week. “Stay here; now.” I have been reminded, by God…Healing Messages/Thoughts, that God Is…Here & Now. And, that, that is where your strength is embedded; rest, is planted. In addition to this, the affirmation: “There is no place to go and no thing to do,” sprang forth. This happened over-and-over, unsolicited, especially when I found myself in the hurry mode. I am learning so much! For example: Love me. God Is Here. It is well.  The purpose & privilege of This Moment is to Be Here Now. My mindset-(my minds original and fixed state of being)-is goodness. It has to be such; it is from and of God. Negative thoughts are transient, come and go. They have to be such; they are from the ego-(the edging God out mentality). These messages have kept me grounded; centered in God. True, there has been at various times, a tug-of-war. Those negative thoughts; though transient, came in stiletto-like fashion; ammunition, hard and fast and deadly. The blessed healing practice, has been to recognize them, stand still with what was; and, to affirm God in The Midst of it all. No matter what the thought; unsettling fearful situation, affirm God’s Presence. I said over-and-over God is here and Now. God is within this situation. I am healing. I am learning a new way of Being. I am safe. I am Safe. I am Safe.

This is where and How I found my strength and Hope this week. I found it in the practice of: Stay… Be…Here Now. I found it in the affirmation: With one breath I heal. I found it in the God-Centered mindset: God Is Here and Now. This, is where My Strength & Hope is embedded; rest, is planted & rooted.

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