I believe there is a Source of Goodness; universal goodness, within the entire solar system; everywhere. This Goodness, sits ready; active, to be of support to me; to Guide me, in my daily activities. This goodness is an Essence; tangible, yet, in a sense, like the air I breathe, intangible. I can feel it, I can Touch it. It is always there. Visible, in the crevices of the sometimes involuntary smile. When I feel the least like smiling, the muscles in my face; indeed my whole body, will on its own soften and the gentle physical representation of a Power greater than myself will appear. It is at those times, that the mercy I seek, the grace I seek and the love I seek comes forth. My Higher Power, whom I call God, will accept any Name we call forth: All-Glorious. Allah. Elohim. Chukwu. Jesus. YHWH/Yahweh. Christ. Jehovah. Ek Onkar. Divine Mind. Knowledge. The Light. Brahman. Gitche Manitou. Huwa. Shiva Baba. Father. Mother. Creator. Sun. Obatala. What we call this Source of Goodness matters not, and seems to be just a matter of culture and or Tradition. What does matter, is that This Source of Goodness provides the Believer a way to access The Mercy-Divine Forgiveness, the entryway into new Opportunity; The Grace-Perfecting Presence, that is always present, all knowing, all powerful; as well as, The Love-Harmony, Clarity, Unity, which brings about a Transformation. As I write this, the words “be of good will” are resonating within my mind. Me, Shirley, I Am The One to be of good and sober Mind. There is a hymn that I, amazingly, right now, hum, “not my brother not my sister but me Oh Lord, standing in the need of prayer.” Which then, allows me to remember prayer defined…Prayer, to be one with my Creator; to be one, with My Source of Goodness. And so, my mind; Divine Mind, is subliminally telling me to “Be One With My Source of Goodness, whom I call God. Therein resides the Mercy, The Grace, and The Love I seek.


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