Tribute To A Son

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Remembering laughter, good times and hugs. Oh…those hugs, love personified. You’d stand side-by-side with us, tightly grab us around the shoulder, pull us close to you, and then squeeze that shoulder. And, thereby, prompting a giggle, a laugh, a sigh, an Oh Uncle Mark! Those moments brought about exclamations of wonder, joy, glee, gut-level gladness. And at other times…that hug as well as a verbal reminder from you brought about a reminder to Stand tall; “you can Do This,” when that Sacred Moment was a time when tears were the appropriate accoutrement; trapping, accessory. Times when the fuel of disappointment, death, or desertion scorched the fabric of our wellbeing. No matter what the circumstances those hugs Dear son, brother, father, uncle, nephew, friend of ours…Delivered; dropped center-point, into our hearts….The Love of God.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY from all of us! Your, Oh Girl

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Note: “Oh, Girl,” for reasons that remain unknown to me, was the only way my son would use to call on me, or to refer to me, from the time he was a wee-wee young-one until his Transition.

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